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The No. 499 fixed head stretcher comes with a push-button locking power handle, Auto-Lok tube, 3 extension tube sections, 1 transfer tube section, folding tail block, and separate head and tube cases. The Auto-Lok tube provides fast length adjustments in flexible increments. The tubes adjust from 37 inches to 23 feet, and can be lengthened with additional extension tubes (No. 502). The folding tail block allows you to stretch off walls, corners, or posts. The pin depth adjusting knob on the driving head provides variable pin depth settings, without the screws or screwdrivers found on other stretchers. Model No. 499 comes with separate head and tube cases that distribute the weight and provide room for additional components. The head case has built-in wheels, and the tube case hooks on for transport. (See No. 498E Empty Tube Case and No. 503 Empty Single Case for more case information.) Net weight: 59 lbs.


Spotter Available with Heat

Amazing 106" water lift in a 3 gallon package! No set up time - simply unload and begin carpet or upholstery cleaning immediately. Compact size and maneuverability make the Bravo™ ideal for spotting and quick cleaning of small carpeted areas, upholstery and auto interiors. Operators will appreciate the specially designed molded-in holders that carry spray bottles, leaving the hands free.


Easy to Use Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

The amazing Fivestar is a small, self-contained carpet extractor with powerful brush agitation to effectively clean carpets. It weighs only 40 pounds so it’s light enough for anyone to handle, plus the compact body design and fold-down handle make it a breeze to transport and store.

A revolutionary bladder design allows you to fill and empty out of the same bucket and eliminates the need to pour cleaning solution into the machine. Simply fill the bucket, set it on the machine, close the lid and begin cleaning. No more spills or mess!

The Fivestar is small enough to clean tight spaces and corners yet powerful enough to perform well in any commercial setting. Add the optional upholstery kit and the Fivestar becomes an all-in-one carpet & upholstery cleaning package.

Simple Maintenance

Remove two screws and the machine opens like a clamshell for fast service. Component wiring with quick connects makes it quick & easy to service or replace components.