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Commercial Patio Heaters ideal for Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Country Clubs, Night Cubs & Bar, Homes. Commercial Type -Pumping out max BTUs for an 15-foot diameter heat range, these units are some of the most powerful patio heaters in the market. They can also be wheeled away, ensuring exceptional mobility despite their hefty size. Heavy duty yet gorgeous with a stylish finish options, they are perfect for serious outdoor entertainers with big spaces. Simple Start-Up Ignition System -To operate, all it takes to light the heater is a simple push of the button thanks to its user-friendly, one-step ignition system. A nice alternative to a fire pit, the gas patio heater delivers quiet, soothing, consistent heat-with no smoke or open flames to worry about. Variable-heat control knob - Allows for low or high heat settings and for turning the heater completely off at the end of the night.