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Bounce House - Tweety Cage

Bounce House - Tweety Cage


The licensed Tweety Cage bounce house is an unusual and fantastic bouncer featuring everyone's favorite Looney Tunes birdie, Tweety Bird! The design of this jumper is that of Tweety's actual cage, complete with a carrying handle on top and an oversized, three-dimensional Tweety perched above to watch over all of the fun. Scenes of Tweety and that rambunctious puddy tat, Sylvester are done in artwork around the inflatable bars of the cage. The Tweety Cage jumper provides more than 315 square feet of bouncing room, sure to lure in fans young and old, or anyone trying to escape a puddy tat!

How Many Kids Will This Unit Hold? The Tweety Cage Bouncer will hold up to 8 kids not to exceed 800 pounds at any one time.

Electrical Requirements: Requires one 110 Volt standard outlet.

Is the Tweety Cage Bouncer Covered? No

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