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Floor Fan

Floor Fan


All-around efficiency for any job.Looking for an air mover that offers the most CFM per circuit of any air mover on the market? Look no further, it's called the Ace!

Unique 7-position versatility of the Ace means you can use it on a wider variety of work than ever before. Use the Ace on drywall, hardwood floors, sub-floors, baseboards, ceilings, or any type of building material to dry without cutting, removing or replacing.

Easily ventilate crawlspace with the Ace. It can be used to pull air out of crawlspaces and establish a negative pressure. The negative pressure will draw clean, heated air from other parts of the structure into the crawlspace for drying while preventing contaminants from being forced into other clean areas of the structure.

Incredibly low amp draw

Seven position versatility for handling a wide range of applications

Dry structures fast with 2000 Actual CFM

Turn or tilt on non-skid rubber feet to switch operating positions

Compact design that's stackable for operation and storage

Ideal for structural drying, carpet cleaning, ventilation and more!

Also Marketed under model number 5UNZ3 and DP-AAM-EA

Microban inpregnated plastic housing

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