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Staying Safe While Using A Pole Chain Saw

Staying Safe While Using A Pole Chain Saw

Sharp objects and falling tree branches above your head can be a recipe for disaster unless proper safety precautions are used. Here are the ways to stay safe while operating a pole chain saw:

The basics
The first thing to do is wear your typical safety equipment. This includes a hard hat, safety goggles, work gloves and boots and long sleeves. A hard hat, work boots and long sleeves will protect you from falling debris while the gloves will help keep your grip on the pole. Goggles will help protect your eyes from the inevitable sawdust.

Checking the saw
Make sure that the saw is functioning properly. Things to check should be that the blades are sharp, tight and lubricated as well as the saw being well attached. Depending on whether you have a battery-operated or gas-operated saw, you should also check the charge and liquid levels in the motor, respectively.

Pole adjustments
Before putting sharp blades in the air, ensure that the pole adjusts properly. Most have extensions that are controlled by adjustment collars that can be tightened. Make sure the collars tighten like they are supposed to.

Know the machine’s capabilities
Before doing anything, read the owner’s manual. This will tell you exactly how the saw operates. Also, practice on a piece of scrap wood before turning to the tree branches so you know exactly how the saw functions.