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The Right Steps to Getting Out That Pesky Stump

The Right Steps to Getting Out That Pesky Stump

When my family moved into our new home, you could immediately see that the landscape of the backyard was one of the many reasons why. As time went on, several trees had to be removed either because they were too close to the house or they were dying. Those trees that were removed by the chainsaw we rented from the hardware store became stumps. From experience, I can tell you the best way to getting out that pesky stump is to visit your local hardware store and rent a stump grinder.

Using stump removal and building fires around the stump are also great ideas, but for quickness and efficiency, I strongly recommend booking a stump grinder by the day. The first step to getting out that stump is having the right tools and having your stump prepared. Stumps come in all shapes and sizes so plan accordingly so that you can get the job done the right way. Don’t waste your time trying to pull out or grind a stump that has branches growing out of it or is too tall for you and the grinder. Trim that baby down as much as you can so you can accomplish the goal without breaking a sweat. While renting a grinder is important, don’t be afraid to rent other essential items such as a hacksaw and a durable spade shovel. The second step is picking out the right stump grinder. Stump grinders come in a variety of sizes and power which are very important to consider. The average person won’t need anything too big and will be able to move the stump grinder without the use of a trailer. However if you are a landscaper or contractor and need a heavy duty grinder, these are slightly larger than a riding lawn mower so you will need to rent the trailer to move it. Some rental stores will cut you a deal for both the trailer and the stump grinder if you play your cards right. The last step is to start and finish the process. Once your stump has been fully ground rake and burn any remaining debris. Let the embers burn though the night so that the roots are also removed from the earth. This won’t be like the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy where Groot comes back. It will get rid of that pesky stump once and for all.

One last important tip to leave you with is to never rent alone. You can expect to rent a gas powered stump grinder anywhere from $100 to $200 per day depending on the size of your machine. That price range is extremely affordable for any homeowner, but don’t be afraid to talk to friends and neighbors if they have a pesky stump that’s bothering them too.  You’re not alone so why not save money where you can. If you’re lucky that person may also have the vehicle or supplies to help you move it. Talk to your local rental dealer about what grinder best fits you and how to operate the machine. If you follow my advice, that stump is as good as gone.