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Adding Those Little Extras to Wow Your Guests

Adding Those Little Extras to Wow Your Guests

Any event can be lovely, but if you really want to wow your guests, you have to go the extra mile with flourishes and flair that will make your event truly memorable. When you are already stretched coordinating details and making arrangements, however, you may not have the time for elaborate craft projects or extensive setup for anything more. Fortunately, the answer is easy – rent those extras!

Why Rent Extras?

Instead of trying to bring your amazing vision to life alone, renting the equipment and extra flourishes for your event can be easy and convenient. Your rental coordinator can help you find the appropriate extra touches that will blend well with other rental basics, choosing the right sizes and shapes for a seamless look. Furthermore, when you rent these extras, you can also get the expert help for safe, easy setup, and you may even get a better deal when renting multiple items to create your event. After your event, you also won’t have any need to dispose of or store items you aren’t likely to use again.

Top 15 Extras to Wow Your Guests

There are many different ways to add something extraordinary to any event, from a family reunion to a wedding to a business conference. When choosing what extras to help your event stand out, consider your guest list and the atmosphere you wish to create, and take care not to overwhelm your guests with too many disconnected features.

The most popular extras that can turn an ordinary event into a truly memorable occasion include…

  • Draping Cover plain or unattractive walls and ceilings with elegant draping. Heavy fabrics in solid colors are a good choice, while brocades and other embroidered patterns are also suitable for more formal events. Draping can also wind around columns for a luxurious touch.
  • Tent Lighting A tented event doesn’t have to be a poorly lit affair, and rental globes, Edison bulbs, and even crystal chandeliers are available for stunning lighting in any tent. Other options include candelabra arrangements, tiki torches, or even fire pits.
  • Grass Walls A grass or green wall can be an instant backdrop that adds a touch of nature to any event, no matter what time of year. Green walls can also serve as stunning dividers to apportion space, or may be used as decorations around a bar, podium, or altar.
  • Backdrops Backdrops are available in a wide range of scenes and abstract patterns, from city skylines to natural vistas. Backdrops can also be fun and playful patterns, or may coordinate with other props such as statues or furniture. Barn doors and lattices are other backdrop options.
  • Dance Floor If your event will include dancing or other activities that need some open space, a dance floor can be a convenient option. Floors might be basic wood patterns or could be more colorful, or you can even rent lighted tiles to create an interactive dance floor.
  • Fireworks A colorful pyrotechnic display can make an amazing statement at the conclusion of your event or to accompany an amazing announcement. Renting fireworks ensure you have experienced workers to handle the dangerous explosives and that they will be used safely.
  • Lawn Games Add a touch of whimsy to your event by providing your guests with lawn games to fill the time between scheduled activities, before or after a meal, or to create fun competition. Bocce ball, ring toss, cornhole, croquet, and other options can all be rented.
  • Chocolate Fountain For a rich and elegant treat, a chocolate fountain can be a delicious choice.  Serve a variety of dippables with the treat, including fresh fruit, angel food cake, pound cake, graham squares, and marshmallows. For even more decadence, use three fountains – milk, dark, and white chocolate.
  • Food Carts Rent fun food carts for snacks that will thrill your guests. How about a popcorn cart to accompany a lengthy presentation, or a cotton candy cart for a sweet break? Mini-donuts, snow cones, and slushies are other tasty options you can find with rental carts.
  • Lounge Furniture Give your guests more impressive and comfortable seating when you add lounge furniture rather than extra rows of chairs. Sectionals, loungers, settees, and poufs invite more intimacy and conversation among your guests, keeping everyone at ease.
  • Giant Letters Make a statement by renting large letters to highlight your event. Initials and names are popular choices, but other options include entrance and exit signs, company names, or even noting where the bar is located, where gifts should be left, or where to find other activities.
  • Plants Renting silk floral and plant arrangements can be a budget-conscious way to get stunning greenery for your event. Simple flowers, large topiaries, faux trees, and floral garlands are all attractive options you can rent to help decorate your event.
  • Balloons If you want a whimsical and celebratory vibe for your event, you can’t beat balloons. Renting balloons allows you to create large, stunning arrangements such as arches, columns, and sculptures that can make your event stand out.
  • Snow Machine You don’t need winter weather to make a statement with snow at your event if you rent a snow machine. These machines use small bubbles to create a magical, snow-like effect, or you can rent real snow machines that shave ice for a chilly accent your guests will always remember.
  • Photo Booth A photo booth is not an unusual rental, but you can make it more amazing by coordinating props and designating a special social media hashtag or arranging for guests to share their fun photos in a central way so everyone can see.

There are many ways you can make your event stand out, and renting any of these stunning extras is sure to create a memorable occasion all your guests will remember long afterwards.